About Us

We are a boutique local financial services business offering full specialised, commission free, financial advice solutions for employees working in the medical, primary, resource industry and other employees in and around Geraldton.

Our mission is to assist you to turbo charge your wealth creation through investments in and outside superannuation and protect that wealth and your family on the way through life insurance and estate planning.  

Did you know that a typical Western Australian self-funded retiree needs more than $60,000 per year for the next 20 years to retire comfortably and happy?

Over the last 30 years the financial services industry and Australian superannuation system has changed significantly with the development of new ways to access superannuation, new superannuation and taxation rules, decline of expensive bank owned retail Australian super funds and the impact of the Government to make financial planner services more transparent and affortable.

We have taken advantage of these developments and are proud to have grown our reputation as the only financial adviser services business in Geraldton that:

  1. Is not connected to any financial institutions and
  2. Isn’t influenced by any level of commissions as we choose to be paid by hourly rates and
  3. Truly give product neutral advice that is in your best interest and
  4. Focus on long term results supported by our own net wealth software and apps.

If you are ready to turbo charge your wealth creation through financial counselling from a fully qualified experienced financial planner and need help with anything to do from:

  • Investing cost effective in blue chip direct shares or index exchange traded funds
  • Lost super, super tax, super withdrawal or contributions or a self-funded super fund
  • Debt management, budgeting and debt consolidation.
  • Life insurance including how to claim or get income protection or TPD through super.
  • New Transition to retirement planning rules or how to retire early
  • Estate planning including Wills, succession planning and intergeneration planning.

Or simply want to know how to pay for your financial advisor cost through a retail superannuation fund, industry superannuation or a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) then call in for an obligation free appointment with our personal financial planner now: 99500349


We provide our clients with access to a wide range of highly trained and qualified staff including accountants, solicitors, and credit advisers. In this way, we ensure that each client optimises their financial position as efficiently and effectively as possible.


We continuously and proactively look for ways to improve your wealth, financial health and retirement planning. Your well-being is our core focus, and everything stems from our insistence that your interests be pre-eminent in our advice.


Our aim is to work in your best interests. We are actively committed to a code of ethics designed to achieve best practice in financial planning. We emphasise and prioritise your rights and entitlements as our client at all times.

What Makes us Unique

High quality sensible and appropiate advice, free from institutional bias, putting clients interests as priority

Indian Ocean Financial Services core vision is to provide clients with advice that is in no form influenced by insitutions and that add value so that our clients know that their adviser works in their best interest.

To be able to do this we aim to comply with the strict regulations that govern the use of the terms “independent” and “unbiased” under the corporation law. However compliance with the whole definition is unfortunately impossible as some financial products of our existing clients pay commission implemented by their previous adviser and cancellation would result in loss of valuable insurance benefits.

To compensate these clients we rebate these commissions back if they agree to establish a long term relationship in which we review the clients financial planning at least on an annual basis.

What advantages do our clients receive from our non-insitutional, non aligned business status?

  • Our business and our licensee is not connected ,aligned, owned or influenced by any investment, bank, insurance company or other financial product providers.
  • Our advisers are able to provide our clients with the largest possible choice of investment and or insurance products including your work super.
  • We only recommend to replace your existing investment or insurance product(s) if a more appropiate product is available.
  • We charge on a fee for service basis (hourly rate) which means that we avoid, where possible, any commission based payments.
  • Our strategic and investment advice is personal advice which is designed to our clients specific needs.
  • Our clients know exactly what our services cost at all times as all advice is based on an hourly rate and not a percentage or funds under management.
  • We act only in the interest of our clients and not our licensee or other product provider as required by Australian law.
  • Our investment solutions are researched and chosen by our senior advisers personally and are only recommended after evaluating a number of important criteria including value for money, support, management of investment risk and consistancy of above average returns after fees.

Skills and education to stay on top of the game

Our private client adviser is tertiary qualified and hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional designation, with additional degrees in taxation. He further continues to study to keep on top with new strategies, product development and legislation.

The specific interest of our senior adviser “Mick Steffan” over the past is direct shares, Exchange Traded Funs and Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

He meets all the criteria of the Ethical Investment Association Australasia and follows its procedures to ensure all ethical advice is sensible and appropriate for your needs.

It is our requirement that all our private client advisers complete the Diploma of Financial Planning and are supervised and trained for a period of 3 years before providing advice directly to our clients.

Financial planning, taxation and investment recommendations, all by your own private client adviser!

Our senior adviser is the only Certified Financial Planner Professional in Geraldton that is a fully qualified financial planning adviser and holds its own registered tax agent licence due to his qualification as a Master in Taxation.

The choice to acquire the skills of a tax adviser is a strategic, but obvious one as:

  • It is impossible to give sound advice without considering all the tax consequences for our client.
  • Proposed legislation prohibits financial planners to give tax advice unless they are properly qualified and meet the required education standards
  • An good understanding of the taxation position of our clients allows us to work closer with your accountant and tax office while the knowledge of your tax obligations by your financial adviser means the adviser can indentify taxation issues that may be able to be solved by an taxation specialist or accountant.

Direct investment preference philosophy

We prefer to invest directly into markets, such as Australian shares, Exchange listed securities, real estate and interest bearing securities, rather than via managed fund structures. We believe this investment method provides our clients with more flexibility and control, as well as being cost effective. As matter of fact, we where resently able to reduce the transaction cost for our financial planning clients even further to start from $10 per share trade!

This direct investment philosophy together with Self Mananged Superannuation Funds provide clients with optimum service and investment strategies that have been tested and adapted to cope with the volatility of our financial markets.

Finally, direct investment allows our planners to control our client’s cash flow even further while optimising rebalancing strategies by effecitve capital gains tax manangement.