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Does any of this sound like your situation?

  • I have multiple superannuation funds, which are charging me administration fees, and insurance premiums. I have no idea how to minimise these fees.
  • I have a superannuation fund (retail) which is owned by a bank or financial institution (AMP, BT, One Path, MLC) and I have feeling that I might be loosing money along the way or being taken advantage of by these big companies.
  • I have a financial adviser who cost me a lot of money and I have no idea if there is another way how I could mange my finances.
  • I am one of many Australians that might not be able to cover their expenses if I can’t work due to illness over a 3-month period or even longer. (BTW, you are not alone: 58% of working Australians fall in this category).
  • I am very close to or have passed the age of 60 and have not done anything with my superannuation fund.
  • I have recently moved to Australia. I have a family business and have been off work for an extended period due to the family circumstances. So far I’ve not been subject to the superannuation guarantee.
  • My current financial adviser is charging me fees or commissions but I haven’t seen much return on the investment and I don’t know if I’m getting taken for a ride.
  • My stockbroker is buying and selling shares frequently saying that he can beat market, but then he wants me to pay big commissions on the trades
  • I have an investment property or other investments and I would like to know if this is the best way to secure a financially independent retirement.
  • I have elderly parents and I worry about their estate when they pass away.
  • I have kids with extra needs and am not sure how to claim all entitlements including tax benefits at the end of the financial year.

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Financial planning is not only about management funds, life insurance and retirement planning. It’s about strategic financial planning. We can apply our knowledge and experience to solve the particular problem you might be facing right now.

Over the last 20 years, we have been working with many pre-retirement people like you to help them transition from work life to a fulfilling retirement as smoothly as possible.

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