Primary Industry

Specialised Financial Planning for Mid West Primary Industry, including farmers and fishermen.

For more than 20 years, Indian Ocean Financial Services has helped primary industry clients reduce risk, manage their investment portfolios and transition into retirement.

Many primary producers own a large block of land or a fishing licence (or both) and are sometimes also servicing a sizable line of credit from bad years. On the other hand, hard work can also pay off in good years and there can be large profits, which result in high taxable incomes. Money is not always spent or invested wisely.

Rather than plan for a retirement date, farm and fishing clients often simply work until they can’t work any more.  Then, they often employ their children and grandchildren to help run the business. This has gone on for generations. The common dream is to keep the farm and or fishing business in the family and pass it on to the next generation.

However, often the dream comes with significant challenges, and for many reasons the business often ends up in the hands of others rather than being passed on to family members.

At Indian Ocean Financial Services we understand these reasons and challenges and we want to help you make that dream come true.

If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, then we can help you:

– Is your farmland or your fishing pcence the only major financial asset your family has to rely on?

– Is the success of your business at risk from unpredictable weather and seasons?

– Are you worried about the profitabipty/viabipty of the business if you or a family member falls sick or suffers an accident?

– Do you rely on financial planning advice from your accountant or your farm adviser?

– Are you considering purchasing more farmland or fishing pcences/pots soon?

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Contact Us

– Are you over the age of 50 and have not considered transition to retirement?

– Are you considering selpng some or all of your business assets in connection with retirement?

– Would you pke your business to remain in the family?

– Do you have more than one beneficiary who would potentially share in your future estate?

– Have you been recently approached by some city people inviting you to invest in a property scheme?

Indian Ocean Financial Services can help you. We are Geraldton’s most-qualified financial services advisory firm that is not connected to any financial institutions. We aren’t paid on commissions by managed schemes or from selling other financial “products” like life insurance, so we can give you unbiased, truly product neutral advice that is in your best interest, always!

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