Our Services

Customised solutions for every part of your life

At Indian Ocean Financial Services we provide financial advice free from institutional bias, combined with strategic solutions and tax considerations that assist you to clarify the consequences and risks of your financial decisions.

At our initial appointment our priority is to build a mutual understanding of trust and respect. For this reason we do not give any personal advice at this early stage, but sit back and listen to your story, your financial challenges and your future aspirations. Once you and your adviser feel comfortable to move to the next stage, your adviser will explain the services that we offer and introduce you to some of the strategies that may improve your financial position.

We will further send you a letter of engagement that include those prospective strategies and a confirmation of the cost of providing our advice. Once you are happy to proceed and we have received your authority to provide you with financial advice, we require a second appointment to get a further appreciation of your personal and financial situation.

Our services are divided into four important areas of expertise, each with their associated strategies and solutions. As many of those strategies require further adjustmements after our intitial advice we have provide a range of ongoing services options designed to save you money and maximise the chance of reaching your objectives.